Don’t trust the scales

This is a different kind of post and a lesson in why we shouldn’t feel down about the scales…

When people put up posts about how they’ve stood on the scales thos week, and they are 3lb up or 1lb up and they are disheartened and feel like they are not making progress, it makes me really frustrated.

This picture sums up exactly why I get frustrated.

If I just weighed myself once a week and focused on the number I’d have been so annoyed and thinking I hadn’t made progress however overnight I’ve “transformed” and lost 1.5kg or 3lb ish.

Lucky for me I’ve learnt a lot from my time in the jamessmithacademy and I know that the number on the scale is not a true representation of my progress or my worth. That number on Monday was due to hormonal changes and bloating and not me putting on fat overnight.

I weigh every morning and a take a weekly average to allow for these fluctuations and I don’t get upset if it jumps up or down because I know and understand the possible reasons why.

So I guess what I’m trying to say is that if you want a true reflection of your progress and determination then look at other measures like strength, measurements or even how you feel and stop beating yourself up about the scales showing an extra few lbs or not moving when you’ve “done everything right”

Whatever you do… Just keep going 💪🏻

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