Top tips for rocking a Bikini Body

That’s a click bait title if ever I’ve seen one… And it worked, you’re here… Either because you want a quick fix for the perfect bikini body or just because you want to see what I have to say.

After my recent holiday to sunny Egypt I thought I’d write about every girls favourite topic… How to look good in a bikini.

Firstly, as a curvy girl with a lot up top I’ve always been conscious about how I look laying by the pool or on the beach.
Secondly, a lot of the nice swimwear has zero support and finding bigger sizes always comes with a challenge or a hefty price tag.
It’s taken many years to finally find the secret of how to look good in swimwear, where to find a bargain and how to rock the perfect bikini body.

So what is it I hear you ask?

Confidence… Huzzah! It’s simple really.

It’s take me years to realise that any body is a bikini body, you don’t have to look like you’re in a James bond film when emerging from the sea, most normal people don’t… You just have to own it and not give a flying fuck about what other people think.

Obviously you can’t just get out of bed one day and forget about all your insecurities, your hang ups, cellulite and tiger stripes but what you can try and remember is that everyone has their own insecurities and is battling their own problems. Even the girls on the front of magazines have cellulite, it’s just they have editors and airbrush!

Try to embrace your body, put on a bikini and head to the pool or beach, the more you do it the more comfortable you will start to feel as you realise that actually people are not judging you or staring at you.

The one thing you must remember though… Make sure it fits! For us ladies with more on top it is not so easy to just walk into a shop and pick up something off the rack but in recent years the likes of Asda, New Look and Boux Avenue have started to cater for the larger cup sizes and at fairly affordable prices too. There are obviously the usual suspects like bravissimo for a big selection but they are still quite pricey.

I’ve taken some pictures of myself in a selection of bikinis and swimwear from the above shops to hopefully give you all some confidence to own your body… Even if you feel you are a work in progress.

Feel confident, feed empowered and remember you’re beautiful ❤️

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