2018 Highlights

So I started this Blog back in February after deciding it would be a good idea to document my struggles of being a girl who loves food but also wants to be fitter and as it’s almost time for that ” New Year, New Me” hype I thought I’d take a look back at 2018 and how the events of the year have shaped my health and fitness.

They say that a journey is never a straight line and that has been true for 2018, I’ve gone in a massive loop and ended up back where I started but I am working on it.

2018 started off pretty crappy in all honesty, trying to deal with the stress and emotion of a break up was really hard for my mental health. I plastered a smile over the cracks and did everything I could think of to keep myself occupied. I booked myself far too many holidays and spent lots of time with my personal trainer in the gym. I guess it was good for my fitness journey and definitely great for the goal I had to reach for April when my best friend got Married.

In April my fitness was at an all time high, I’d reached the goal I set myself for the wedding, I looked incredible and after booking myself a Boudoir photo shoot with Divine Divas to give myself a confidence boost I felt incredible too. Finally I was back to feeling myself and I could focus on enjoying the rest of the year.

Feeling myself and feeling confident wasn’t actually a good thing as it turns out. I got comfortable and being comfortable meant I backed off from the gym, I went out, I enjoyed food again and then before I knew it, the summer was over and my weight had crept back on. Don’t get me wrong, mentally the summer months and the holidays were great, I had an actual smile on my face and I was happy but for my fitness it was terrible. I guess looking back it was needed in order to feel better.

As I mentioned earlier I booked a lot of holidays this year. I love travelling and I got the chance to visit some great places. It has also inspired me to travel more and try to hit 30 countries by 30. I am currently on 22 so I have 8 to do in just over a year. This year I crossed off the following locations;

  • Naples
  • Cape Verde
  • Turkey
  • Thailand

All of these were incredible for different reasons but they were definitely one of the highlights of 2018.

After Summer and returning from Thailand 2018 threw another spanner in the works of my life. I mean I call it a spanner but I guess that isn’t really fair as it’s not a negative. In September I was offered the opportunity to up sticks and move on to a new adventure for 7 months with work. Not one to shy away from adventure I accepted and in October I moved over to Ireland, Cork to be exact. A big more is never easy on the fitness journey, all the uncertainty, new places and new people meant I sought comfort in food. It is the one thing that was consistent. I didn’t really know anyone, I didn’t have a gym and I was trying to find somewhere to live while learning the ropes of a new team at work.

After a few weeks I found a lovely place to live with two lovely girls and began to feel more settled. By the end of November I was feeling less lonely and had myself in order but the damage to my fitness journey had been done. I joined a local gym (The Lions Den) and decided to see the damage the last 6 months of being off my game had caused. I was almost back where I started. At this point most people would think there was only a few weeks left of 2018 and that they should start fresh in 2019 and I was very almost one of those people however, after starting 2018 on a low I wanted to go out on a high. Right now is damage limitation with it being Christmas but I figure that is healthier than giving up again and spending December saying “Fuck it, its Christmas”

So how am I leaving 2018?

I am happy, sometimes I get homesick but I am in a good place. I am healthy, I may weigh more than I did at the start of the year but I am back on track and making a conscious effort to make better choices. Most important of all… I am still Me!

When I started writing this post I was heading home to spend Christmas with the family and I’d promised myself that I would enjoy it and by the 27th December I’d be back in Ireland, back at the gym and back on track. However a family emergency means that it is now the 28th December, I am still at home for another few days and I am still gorging on Christmas cake and tubs of celebrations. It is all apart of the journey and sometimes you have to let go and go with the flow. When I return to Ireland I will pick up where I left off, take my measurements to know where I stand and continue on the ever challenging path to a healthier and fitter me.

So what does 2019 have in store for me?

Honestly, I don’t know and I can’t honestly tell you so you’ll just have to keep following to see what happens.

Peace out 2018!

2019… I’m ready for you.


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