Black Friday Struggles

So when it comes to a fitness journey there will always be times where you struggle to stay on track.

There are the normal ones, Christmas, Easter, holidays & birthdays but when it comes to me, the biggest herbal I’ve faced recently was Black Friday.

Black Friday is the day after thanksgiving in the USA where shoppers flock into stores for a bargain. Unfortunately this sales tradition has made its way to the U.K. over the last few years and it is carnage for retail workers everywhere.

It involves working a 15 hour day (yes I know other professions see this as normal) dealing with customers who are disappointed that they’ve missed the deals or that the thing they want is not on sales and it means struggling without a proper lunch break. Repeat this for the Saturday, Sunday and Monday following and then crash into a tired heap on Tuesday!

So how does fitness and food fit into all this for me? The simple answer… it doesn’t!

This Black Friday weekend wasn’t my first rodeo and I didn’t want it to hold me back on my journey so I stuck with some wise words that “Preparation is key” I planned out quick and easy snacks for the day that I could just grab and go as you never end up with more than 5 minutes to eat lunch.

The day started and the customers came, I stuck to my snacks and I was feeling ok. Then it got busier… the office was filled with bite sized chocolates (my kryptonite) and before lunch time I’d allowed myself to have one.

One became two, two became three and well, you get the picture! Before I knew it I’d gone over my daily calories and I was hitting the fun sized chocolate bars to keep my energy levels up.

Being tired, stressed and overworked meant my will power was at its lowest point. I couldn’t honestly tell you how many calories I had over the course of the weekend, it was a lot!

The silver lining to the story is that I am still determined to continue on my journey and rather than letting one bad weekend turn into a bad month, I’ve drawn the line and got back on the horse. I’m rested now and there are a few more hurdles to get over before January but I will manage. I need to keep away from temptation especially unplanned temptation if I want to lose the 5kg I planned for before January.

Fingers crossed 🤞🏼

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