You spin me right round…

So earlier this week I tried my first spin class! I am really not good at cardio, it’s true what they say, it’s hardio!

I thought it was about time I gave this spin thing a go as everyone raves about it being a great workout.

Unfortunately the only class I could make started at 6.15am, another first for me, I’m never usually awake so early, let alone at the gym so it was a double challenge and a real test of my commitment.

I set my alarm and very almost cancelled it when it started to buzz but I thought no, I have to do this.

I turned up to the gym and there was only one other lady there, not a great advert for spin class. We started with a warm up and bloody hell, within 3 minutes my knees were burning and I still had 27 minute to go. The instructor kept shouting about sprinting and putting up the resistance which I tried but at the end of the day it was my first class and I didn’t want to kill myself before 7am! I gave it my best shot, I was ok with putting up the resistance but sprinting was a no go… the instructor didn’t make me feel stupid or call me out for not going fast so that was good. My knees burned the whole time, the pedals were uncomfortable and I nearly killed myself by stopping without remembering that my feet were attached but the music was good and I felt like I’d worked hard.

I could feel myself counting down the seconds which seemed to last for hours but after 30 torturous minutes it was over.

Was I sweaty? Yes!

Did I burn a lot of calories? Yes!

Could I have worked harder? Yes!

Did I enjoy it? Hell no!

Would I go again? Maybe!

For anyone who has the stamina to keep up this is a great work out but I am really not sure it is for me… maybe with the bike set up better and more personalised to me I could get on better? I’ll see how the next week or so goes and maybe I’ll give it another shot, but for now I’m hanging up my spin towel.

3 thoughts on “You spin me right round…

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  1. Well done for giving it a go especially at that time of day, I take my hat off to you! I’ve done a good few spin classes in the past but it wasn’t for me. The seats were so uncomfortable, I always felt as if my bum was bruised afterwards. You may grow to love it though!

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      1. Yeah I ended up taking a little hand towel to fold over and sit on, to try and make it a bit more comfy. Still painful though, or maybe I just have a boney bum 😂

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