Divine Divas

I guess what they preach is true, when you think positively about yourself your whole perspective changes. 

After the success of fitting into my bridesmaids dress I was riding the wave, feeling positive, feeling beautiful and most of all I was feeling confident in my own skin for the first time in a while. 
This was the first time I actually thought fuck it and wore whatever I wanted including clothes that are not usually worn by ‘larger women’ such as high waist jeans. 
I decided to take this journey of confidence one step further and after months and months of thinking about it and putting it off I bit the bullet and booked a boudoir shoot. I’d been tempted to book it back in October when my self esteem and moral was at an all time low due to a tough breakup but I really wasn’t feeling very sexy, especially after finding out my Ex had been messaging other women behind my back. That really gives you a knock in the confidence department. 
Luckily a childhood friend is a photographer at a wonderful studio in Bath called Spirit photography and they do a session called Divine Divas so I booked in and waited for the reality to hit. 
Being a lady who is blessed in the chest department meant the first challenge was finding something suitable to wear. 
I had to choose 3/4 different outfits and although I was feeling positive and confident, like most women out there I still have my hangups. I wanted to find something that covered my flabby abs. It was a lot harder than I thought. Websites don’t usually cater for women of my size and it took lots of trawling the Internet to find the right thing. Bravissimo really helped me out in the end. 
The choices I decided on were a Gray and pink basque from Bravissimo, a baby pink bra set from Asda with a white over sized shirt and a blue body from Ann Summers. 
The day of the shoot finally arrived and the nerves really kicked in. Was I crazy for getting my kit off in front of the camera?! How the hell were they going to hide my flabby bits?! Was I going to look ok?!
When I arrived at the studio I was greeted by Harriet the make up artist. She sat me down and told me to relax until my photographer, and friend, Emilie came out to discuss how the shoot was going to work and give me a glass of bubbly to calm my nerves. Within a few minutes the nerves had settled and I’d looked through different pictures to get an idea of what styles I wanted, then it was time for makeup.
Harriet was great, I gave her an idea of how I wanted my hair and makeup and she got to work. I went for a glam look with bright lips, a standard lip colour for me, I even got to wear some eyelashes. I love having thick and full eyelashes so this was a real treat for me. Once I’d checked my makeup was what I wanted it was go time…
When we got into the studio I put all my options out on the bed (yes there was a bed in the studio) and me and Emilie talked through what would work and what wouldn’t. Having someone there to help make the decisions showed that I’d booked in with the right studio. 
I put the first outfit on and away we went. Emilie told me exactly where to go and how to pose and after the awkwardness of the first few shots had gone I was feeling like a natural model. 
My photographer Emilie really has a natural way around her, she had me laughing and grinning from ear to ear which is exactly what you want when you are in an uncomfortable setting and pulling some moves that only a contortionist should be able to do. 
After about 3 hours and 4 changes of clothes (there was an unexpected outfit in my bag) the shoot was over. I walked out feeling even more confident and sexy than before and couldn’t wait for my viewing. 
The day of the viewing arrived and my god, I looked incredible… I wanted to order every single picture but really had to narrow it down. I eventually decided on my 13 favourite pictures and thanks to the flexible payment options they offer I didn’t break the bank. 
I have a preview of two of the pictures and will get the rest once I’ve finished paying for them. I even ordered a canvas for my wall!
The confidence boost this shoot and the photos gave me lasted a while, I was strutting my stuff and posing for photos using my new found knowledge of how to pose for at least a month after my shoot, it was just what I needed. A reminder that I am the not who I was back in October/November when I was heartbroken and could barely function, I am beautiful, I am sexy and most importantly I am a strong and powerful woman.
Those who do not appreciate the female form please look away now… 
What do you think? I think they did an absolutely incredible job of making me look and feel sexy. Is this something you would try? 
For those of you who want to try it but are maybe a bit hesitant, check them out on facebook and also check out my preview album
As a little bonus for you gals out there that do want to take the leap, if you mention my name (Rhiannon) or the blog then you can get your session half price. 
Do it ladies, you wont regret it!

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