The Wedding.

This post is a long time coming and well overdue but don’t get your hopes up guys and gals… this post is not about my wedding. I am still very much single and focusing on myself.

This post is however about the goal that I set myself last year and how I felt. 
So you may remember that last year my wonderful best friend asked me to be her Maid of Honour. As part of this I had set myself a goal of fitting into and being comfortable in the size 16 (UK size) dress by April.
In the three weeks leading up to the wedding I tried on the dress and even with the right supportive undies I didn’t feel comfortable or confident so I wanted to have one last hurrah so that on the day I could be as relaxed as possible and not feel like an elephant next to the other Bridesmaids. 
I booked in for extra PT sessions, restricted my food down to 1600 calories a day, tracked everything on my fitness pal and upped my water intake. 
I really struggle to stick to being strict but I knew sabotage was not an option this time. 
I am so glad I stuck to it. 
When the day came I, jumped out of bed, stepped on the scales and let out a little yelp as my weight was down to 13st 11lb, this was the lowest I have been in years, well since I was a teenager. I rushed around to the brides house, put my dress on and looked in the mirror… not a belly button in sight, I felt so beautiful and proud, but not as proud as a felt of the bride though, she looked stunning!
Anyway the wedding was the most perfect day and I wish the Bride and Groom a lifetime of happiness. Thank you both for giving me the motivation to succeed.
Here are the before and after pictures…

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