When the Snow hits.

Its safe to say that unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you’ll be aware that this weekend the UK was hit with a big dusting of the white stuff. So how did the snow affect me and my mission to become fit? Well… honestly, it threw me off the waggon a bit. Being snowed in and off work means eating everything in sight. I managed to get to work on Thursday before the snow hit and because it was cold I sought comfort in the Big yellow M and tucked in to some chicken nuggets.

I decided that I’d rather be stranded with my friend if I was going to be snowed in rather than being at home so I got some supplies, not your normal milk and bread, I opted for diet coke, strawberries, bacon and yoghurt then I headed off to Emily’s when the snow started. We’d planned a healthy dinner of Honey mustard chicken, vegetables and sweet potato followed by some protein pancakes and fruit it was lovely and definitely 6 pack friendly but then somehow I’d also managed to scoff an entire box of jaffa cakes.

Waking up on Friday morning to see that the snow had settled and was at least 5 inches deep made me feel like a child at Christmas, I couldn’t wait to get outside and make footprints in the fresh snow. We had the leftover pancakes for breakfast, wrapped up warm and headed off to play in the snow. It was freezing and I’d say it definitely counted as a work out. We decided that it was wise to head out for a few more supplies to get us through the next day and decided that to keep us warm we would stop into McDonald’s for lunch. A chicken burger and Mozzarella dippers were enough to keep me satisfied until dinner. We warmed up and then when the snow started to fall again we decided that it would be a great time to go out again, after all, we don’t get snow very often and we didn’t want to waste it. All the excitement meant funny snow dances and even an attempt to do a burpee in the snow. My first attempt didn’t go quite as planned! (Watch it here) I will put my second attempt at the bottom.

When we got home the reality hit us that we hadn’t really planned well, we’d got too excited by the snow and forgotten to take anything out of the freezer for dinner so instead of attempting to make something out of fridge leftovers we called around the local takeaways until we found one that delivered. A chicken shish with salad isn’t a bad option though… the cheesey chips however were.
We’d also opted for a tube of pringles when we’d gone to get supplies.

Saturday came and the snow had begun to disappear. I left my friends and headed off to Emma’s to discuss her upcoming hen do. I was starting to feel hungry so I stopped at a shop in hope of a sandwich or something but as you would expect the shelves were bare. I ended up with a 3 for £1.20 selection of chocolate bars and some mini egg easter cakes. I managed to demolish them all before the end of the day.

I did mention that this blog would include the good,the bad and the ugly and I can honestly say my eating this weekend did not fit into the good category. I guess they say that when it is cold you need to store fat to keep yourself warm, yes i am clutching at straws looking for excuses!

The one positive is that prior to starting my fitness journey my food diary for a snow weekend would have resembled the confectionery aisle at tesco rather than actually including some good choices in with the bad.

I am away in Naples this week so I will try and be as good as possible with tracking my food so I don’t go too far away from my goals. There will however be some Pizza and Pasta as I will be in Italy after all!

How was your weekend? Did you over indulge too?

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