When it finally clicks!

So lets start this post where I left off…

In January, after a fairly tough few months and very little motivation it all finally clicked. I woke up one morning feeling like I wanted to get my ass out of bed, for the first time in a while, and feeling like I wanted to get back on track. I’d self sabotaged for too long and I realised that the only way I was going to reach my ‘goals’ was to actually sit down, figure out what I wanted and although it sounds cheesy and cliche, make sure that my goals were achievable.
When I started losing weight back in 2013 I set myself a target weight of 12.7 stone and I had the mindset that it would just happen which is stupid as a 5 stone weight loss is no easy challenge. Maybe it was the constant stories on social media about the ‘Girl who lost 7 stone by following these easy steps’ or the ‘Want to lose weight quickly try drinking this before bed’ posts that made me think it would just happen.
I booked in for a free consultation with Laura and together we discussed both my long term and short term goals. I set no time limit for my long term goal but instead we discussed breaking it sown and focusing on it over 12 weeks as this coincided with the day I get to be Maid of Honour for my best friend. I’d tried on the dress and I knew what areas I wanted to improve. We discussed what I needed to do in terms of exercise to get to where I need to be, we looked at how many session, what we would do in each session, how often we would review and then came the hard part… FOOD!

You will notice a common theme throughout this blog. I love to eat, I enjoy food, especially if it is bad for me and I really enjoy the social aspect of going out for dinner and go out for at least once a week with my friends so the thought of being told what to eat is enough to put me off of anything.
The great thing about having a consultation is that you can have an honest conversation. My PT knows me well enough to know that I am never going to give up going out for dinner so instead of telling me to eat celery and air for the next 12 weeks she recommended that I track the food I do eat and stick to a certain amount of calories so that I could have a better understanding of what was going into my system. We discussed macros and the amount of carbs, fats and protein that I should be aiming for. I agreed to give it ago and be as honest as possible with the tracking. I downloaded my fitness pal and over the first week or so realised how easy it was to track certain things, including meals in chain restaurants.
Over the last 6 weeks I tracked my food as much as I could, again, I am only human and sometimes forgot to add things or even track at all and I still indulged in the odd takeaway on a Saturday evening with Emily. I sent the tracking over to my PT as well so she could look over the intake and macros. Its weird, it has become slightly addictive and definitely gives you a better understanding of what foods contain what. It has also made me a lot more aware of the choices I make although often my self sabotage mode still kicks in and I say fuck it and have a cream egg.
If I could give you one bit of advice though it would be to check the food on fitness pal before you order it at a restaurant. I found this out the hard way after a Katsu curry at Wagamamas cost me 1100 calories!

Aside from the food the last 6 weeks I was lot more focused in class, I tried new equipment in the gym and pushed myself harder than before. We set a goal (All goals will be at the bottom) for the 6 weeks and measured progress with a body scan at the start, half way through and at the end. I managed 3 classes a week and one PT session and tracked my calorie burn on my Apple Watch (A Christmas present to myself)
Seeing my progress after 3 weeks just inspired me to keep going.
The last two weeks are usually the weeks I find the hardest, I think “Oh, I’ve done so well, I’ll treat myself” or I am away with work and that involves eating out and nights drinking in the bar. I did start to wavier a bit in week 4&5 but I looked back over my goals and sent messages to the support network around me to keep me on track.
In week 6 I was apprehensive about the looming measurements as I’d decided to self measure at home at the start of the week and the results were shocking, DO NOT DO THIS, you never get the same results and it leaves you feeling deflated and shit, measuring yourself is not as accurate as someone else doing it. It’s like when people get on the sad step (Scales) between slimming world or weight watchers meetings, they think they’ve put weight on and then think fuck it and ruin a great week by stuffing their face. I am talking from experience with that too!
Even though I felt I worked hard this round I didn’t see much of a change, it is hard to see a change when you look at yourself every day. I still went and got measured and had my body scan and I am glad I did. Surprisingly to me I’d actually done really well against my goals and had my best results ever since starting project 6 pack. It also meant that I am well on my way to hitting my 12 week goal.
It just goes to show that breaking down goals and knowing what you want to achieve really does help! It also shows me what I am capable of if i put my mind to it. I didn’t smash all my goals but I was so close that I called it a win!

Long Term Goals

  • 12.7 stone 
  • Size 12-14
  • Be able to do an unassisted pull up

6 Week Goals

  • Lose 3.6kg to take me under 90kgs (lost 3.3kg)
  • Lose 5cm on my Abs (Lost 13cm off my abs and 43cm across the whole body)
  • Track my food (I did my best)
12 Week Goals
  • Lose 6kg (Realigned to take me under 90kg)
  • Get abs down to under 95cm (Currently 98)
  • Feel fantastic in my size 16 Bridesmaid dress by focusing on abs, back and arms.
  • Increase protein to 35% of my daily calories. 
I was really proud of what I achieved in the last 6 weeks and I am excited to continue with the next 6 weeks and see how well I can do this round. I know that my food will never be 100% healthy but it is a start and it is progress. I can still enjoy the things I love, in moderation, and get results. 
I put most of my pictures and updates on Instagram so feel free to give me a follow. @Rhidudzik for videos and pictures of my workouts, food and my face!
Here are the before and after photos from the start of 6 pack to now. (Excuse the bum)
I thought it would probably be a good idea to show you guys what I looked like at the start of my fitness journey…

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