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So as I said in my last post the real start of my journey to get fit started a year ago on 28th February when I walked into the town hall in Trowbridge anxious but ready and raring for my first round of Project 6 Pack. 
Project 6 Pack is a 6 week course run by two personal trainers, Amirah and Laura, there are 4 fitness classes a week and a diet plan to follow. To measure your progress they take before and after pictures and also measurements of key areas, Neck, Arms, Bust, Waist, Abs, Bum & Legs. (Link below)
I didn’t really know what to expect when I walked in but I was greeted with a room full of women , some who were P6P veterans, some who were new and, like myself, resembled a deer in the headlights and two people who were clearly instructors. Like I said in my last post I’d joined after seeing a friends results so once I’d spotted her in the hall I suddenly felt more at ease. 
We endured a fitness test and this was a massive challenge for me as a beginner but it gave me goals to work for as I was unable to complete a push up or a burpee (I had no idea such torture even existed).
Over the next 6 weeks I attended almost every class and pushed myself as hard as I could. I changed some of what I was eating in line with the plan but as a foodie, old habits die hard and I am quite fussy about food. I stuck to the basis of slimming world as I knew that had worked for me in the past and I tried to increase my water intake, I had lots of encouragement from my family and my partner at the time and even invested in a fitbit so I could track more about my workouts. 
At the end of the first 6 weeks I was feeling great and went into measurements optimistic of a good result as I’d worked out more than I ever thought possible. 
When I saw the results a few days later on the dashboard I remember feeling really disappointed! How could I workout so much and put weight on? 2.2kg is a lot when you’re trying to lose weight. After a teary phone call with my partner I realised that actually What I had achieved was good. I had lost 24.5cm across my body and I cant to the realisation that weight wasn’t as important and that the change in shape and size was what I should be looking at. This was the most enlightening thing to realise. Everyone always focuses on their weight and losing weight but actually you can be heavier but smaller. It really changed my outlook and was a valuable lesson to learn. 
Weight isn’t everything!

Although I’d decided to be pretty chuffed about my results I realised that I hadn’t quite committed to the food side of things. I guess my theory was that I’d burnt lots of calories so I deserved a treat or 5. Chocolate and Fizzy drinks were still very much a part of my daily routine and I had no intention of changing that as I was seeing results. 
I continued with a few more rounds of Project 6 Pack, being committed to the exercise but very much not bothered about food tracking or being 100% healthy. My results fluctuated, sometimes they were positive and sometimes they were back to near the start. I enjoyed it though, I have made a great group of friends from it and I felt healthier and stronger. 
In summer last year however, my motivation changed. I was asked to be Maid of Honour for my best friend and after finding the perfect bridesmaids dress that only went up to a size 16 the mission became a lot more serious. I still didn’t want to stop my relationship with chocolate so instead I increased my calorie burn and decided to invest in personal training sessions. 
I chose to go with Laura, #TheBodyConfidenceCoach (link to her FB and Inta below), as I already really enjoyed her boxing classes on a Wednesday. Have PT sessions really helped develop my skill and form with certain exercises and helped boost my results.  By October my results were really starting to take off. Again my weight remained pretty stagnant but even after a 2 week holiday in Bali, where I felt a lot more confident in a bikini, I still managed to lose cm. 
In October last year, however, it all went downhill. I still attended P6P and PT sessions but a really tough break up had a massive impact on my self esteem and motivation. Being an emotional eater didn’t help either. My comfort was found in anything covered in chocolate and with it being Christmas time too my go to choice became a Christmas tube of smarties or other sweet treats. My attendance of P6P classes went down to maybe one class a week, sometimes not even that and I went into full self sabotage mode.
By the start of January I was up to 93.6kg and only 9cm smaller overall than when I started. 
Something had to change… 
Before I could decide to make that change however I had to remember than I am only human, I am ruled by my emotions most importantly I had to remember that not every journey is straight forward, there will be bumps in the road, there will be times that you mess up, and times where you want to give up! 
Once I’d accepted this and realised that I had a fantastic group of girls at P6P and an amazing PT that would support me through those struggles I dusted myself off, realised what I wanted got back on the path to a fitter me. Rhiannon 2.0 if you will. 
January 2018 saw new goals and determination, more about that in the next post. 
Project 6 Pack 
Laura Phelps (The body confidence coach)

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