Let me start with by telling you a little about myself and why I am starting this Blog
‘The fat girl guide to getting fit’

I am Rhiannon, I am 27 and for the last 10 years of my life I have been a little on the large side. When I was a teenager I was fairly active, I danced 2/3 times a week and ate whatever I wanted (Oh what it is like to be young!) When I hit 15 I stopped working out, got a boyfriend and I assumed that I could continue to eat to my hearts content, boy was I wrong!

I have a great love of food (My parents are chefs), I also have a massive sweet tooth and could sit and demolish a 24 box of jaffa cakes in one sitting and then reach for a cadburys cream egg or 4. Before I knew it I was 23 years old, almost 18 stone and a size 22.

The realisation that I couldn’t continue the way I was came in 2013 when shopping for a Birthday dress. Not being able to shop in the “Normal” clothes shops left me feeling deflated and unhappy.
I searched and searched for different ways to lose weight but didn’t want to stop eating my beloved chocolate! Eventually, after a conversation with a dear friend, I decided to give slimming world a go.

I changed my habits and cut out the full fat fizzy drinks and kept within my syns, most of the time, tracked my food and made healthier choices. Over 2 years I managed to lose an astonishing 3 stone and was the lowest weight I’d been in years, 14 stone 9 pounds and a happy size 18.
I was feeling more confident, being able to shop in a larger range of shops, and looking less round but then a break up at the end of 2014 and starting a new job in 2015 meant that slimming world went out of the window. My new job meant I was less active and more erratic with my eating as I no longer had a routine or set days.

Over the next 2 years I tried to get back on the band waggon with the food but without the support of a slimming world group that I loved the inevitable happened and I gained around 1 stone. I started to workout and get back into dance thanks to my housemate at the time but I slipped back into old habits meaning that my weight and size fluctuated. I even booked the Bath half marathon for 2016 to help give me the kick up the ass to get fit and lose weight. I completed it, slower than a turtle stuck in peanut butter, but I completed it!

In 2017 everything changed again, I moved half way across the country and back in with my parents. My partner at the time, was very into the gym and fitness and although he loved who I was and how I looked he knew my ultimate end goal and tried to get me to make better choices about food but I guess what they say is true, you can’t change if you don’t want to!
 Once I’d settled back in at home I stumbled across a social media post from one of my friends who had lost a lot of weight through a work our group called “Project 6 Pack” and that inspired me to look into it. It is run by two personal trainers based in Trowbridge and its focuses on fitness and nutrition, I was sceptical as like I’ve mentioned above, I LOVE FOOD but I thought at least if I am working out I wouldn’t be getting any bigger.
A year ago today I joined up and it’s been one hell of a year! My outlook on fitness and my shape and figure has completely changed and although I am very much still a foodie I am also on my way to getting fit.

So here I am, I will share my experience from the last year and ongoing, struggles and all, in the hope that it may help others like me who love food but are fed up of not being fit.

Much Love
Rhi xx

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